This Is How Connect Interior Works!

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Today business aspirants inspired by the unicorns like Airbnb, Uber, UberEats, Gojek, and Amazon wishes to start a business on the online platform. Because online platforms are easily accessible, quick to launch, can grab a wider audience, can market the product seamlessly, are ubiquitous, and have many more benefits.

The tech giants connect themselves to the commission model, which connects a particular community along with another community that's against their business idea.

Similar to it, Connect Interior is the newbie to the online Marketplace business platform that connects interior design Service providers like Interior Designers, Architects, Manufacturers, installers, Suppliers, etc.

That's a brief introduction to the Connect Interior. Now here comes the workflow of the Connect Interior.

Who All Are Connected To Connect Interior?

The Connect Interior is an online community composed of users, Interior Designers, Architects, Manufacturers, installers, Suppliers along with the admin to manage them.

Users: The users are the ones who hunt for the best Interior Designers, Architects, Manufacturers, Installers, Suppliers on the choice of  service providers, budget, location, quality, ratings, etc.

Interior designer, Manufacturers, architect: These are Individuals or a Company, who are the service providers that lists their profile as a portfolio and responds to the users who enquire. Here as a  single person you can log in and list out your works.

Connect Interior: The platform, who connects both Interior Designers,  Manufacturers, Architects, and users together on the online network. Connect interior is the one who monitors each move of the connected people.

This Is How Connect Interior Works!

Firstly the users join the network by authenticating themselves with a social network. Then with the filters given users can seamlessly choose the preferred profile by filtering, according to their  choice of  service providers, budget, location, quality, ratings, etc.

The list of interior design service providers will be displayed. The users have an option to choose a preferred one based on their requirements. They can have a call or chat to clear their own queries. This helps the users save a lot of time compared to the conventional way of personally visiting each and every service provider every weekend.

Parallelly, the interior designers and others will get connected to Connect Interior with an authorized profile. They list out their Projects & Services, activities, experiences, and awards clearly onto the platform (Connectinterior.com).

Once the end Customer contacts the Service Provider, They can clarify all their queries online directly with the service provider one to one and the service provider can clear all the doubts and take them through their products and services to give more confidence to the users and Customers  can share your questions regarding their projects.

For Service provider this will ensure you are talking to a genuinely interested customer who has contacted you after having gone through your profile, products, prices, etc which in turn saves a great deal of Time and Money . Ultimately resulting in faster finalization of business and get connected for your  design project.

Connect & Earn With Connect Interior!


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