Why, What, How Connect Interior As Online Platform?

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Why Connect Interior?

Like today’s business giants like Uber, Redbus, Connect Interior is bridging the Interior Design industrial gap with networking by providing an Online Marketplace platform. The connect interior is an online networking community that connects users, interior designers for Design and Build needs. With Connect Interior the user can satisfy their own needs by finding the best profile for their Interior projects. Secondly, Interior designers can get projects seamlessly and connect with their own peer groups.

What Is Connect Interior?

The Connect Interior is an online community consisting of users, Interior Designers, Architects, Manufacturers, Installers, Suppliers along with the admin to manage them.

  • Users: The users are the ones who is searching for the best interior Designers, Architects, Manufacturers, Installer, Suppliers based on their choice of service providers, budget, location, quality, ratings, etc.
  • Interior designer, Manufacturers, architect: These are the persons or a company, who are the service providers that list their profile as a portfolio and respond to the users who enquire. Here as a single person also you can log in with and list out your Projects.
  • Connect Interior: The Online platform, who connects both Interior Designers, Manufacturers, Architects, and users together on the online network. Connect interior is the one who monitors each move of the connected people.

How Does Connect Interior Work?

Firstly the users join the network by authenticating themselves with a social network. Then with the filters given, users can seamlessly choose the preferred profile by filtering according to their choice of service providers, budget, location, quality, ratings, etc.

The list of interior design service providers will be displayed. The users have an option to choose a preferred one based on their requirements. They can have a call or chat to clear their queries. This helps the users save a lot of time compared to the conventional way of personally visiting each and every service provider every weekend.

Parallelly, the interior designers and others will get connected to “Connect Interior” with an authorized profile. They list out the activities, experiences, and awards clearly to the system.

Once they are noticed by the users, They can clarify all their queries online directly with the service providers one to one and the service provider can clear all the doubts and take them through their products and services to give more confidence to the users and you can share your questions regarding projects.


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