Who we are
I have been in the Interior Industry past 10 years and my partner an IT professional with 20 years experience in IT.
We experienced many pain points as a Customer as well as Service provider and this experience has been a blessing in disguise for us.
we took a step forward to solve these issues where it matters the most for both the sides and we decided to launch connectinterior.com as a Solution provider.
Whenever a CUSTOMER searches for Interior design on the web it displays either a website or a picture.
It is limited information to take any decision and the current process is You start visiting these service providers every weekend, week after week. Just so that you understand the basic fundamentals of Interiors.
It generally takes weeks to arrive at some of the fundamental question any layman would have regarding Interiors. Because you need to visit each service provider on each weekends
For Example Simple Fundamental is
  • How much does it cost.
  • What do i get for what i am paying.
  • How do i find out the track record of the service provider i am dealing with.
  • How do i compare and be sure that what i am paying is worth the money.
  • Choice of Multiple Service providers.
On the other hand a SERVICE PROVIDER needs genuine buyers who are not just window shopping and asking questions only to gain knowledge who may or may not be a prospective customer.
Week after week the Service provider also works free providing designs and quotes and specification and making changes to clients requirements.
Remember both are aware that they are still checking out.
It is a very uncomfortable situation that both do not want to be in.
Connect Interior Bridges the missing link and makes it comfortable for both the CUSTOMER & SERVICE PROVIDER by saving a lot of time.
At connect interior a CUSTOMERS gets all the information about the interiors they looking for in few hours and sometimes minutes. which makes them to go to their preferred service provider directly.
The SERVICE PROVIDER will meet a client who has already done their research and is will informed about the service or product they are looking for. This gives confidence to the service provider that they are meeting a highly prospective client.
Its a WIN-WIN for all from there on.