Customers Guidelines

How it Works for CUSTOMERS

  • This is a Place where You can see all Service providers related to the Interior Design Industry Under one single roof Like Interior Designers, Architects, Manufacturers, Installers, Material Suppliers Like hardware, Accessories, Appliances, Plywood etc
  • How It Works for a Customer
  • Login with simple steps
  • Click or type in the search window on the Home page what you are searching for.
  • You will be taken to the Landing Page
  • On the left you have Four Major Fields Like 1.Service Provider 2.Design 3.Location. 4.Price.
  • Each Field has More filters .
  • Select using filter the one that you are specifically looking for.
  • On the right Images will display based on your Filters.
  • Images Will also display the cost of the product, Name of the Manufacturer,Designer & Installer.
  • It will also display their rating in terms of their 1.Quality 2.Cost. 3.Customer Support. 4. Timeline
  • You can point the cursor on the service provider and it will display all of the above.
  • When you are doing a broad search you can click on the heart symbol to store the Images you liked for future reference
  • You can share the Images with your spouse, Parent or a friend by clicking on the share icon of your choice.
  • Click on the service provider and it will display all the projects done by this service provider.
  • This will help you gain Logical confidence to shortlist your service provider.
  • Click on the Image and it take you to the detailed page of that particular project.
  • You can see three options for the same Product.
  • scroll down further and you will see the details of all the three options.
  • Now you are educating yourself as a customer what to ask for when you meet your Potential service provider.
  • Now you may still want to check other similar service provider.
  • Click on the icon "Compare with another Service provider", you can select upto six different service providers.
  • Click on compare icon on the top Menu and all the projects selected will be displayed next to each other in one single sheet.
  • In the Comparison sheet scroll down to see Package name where u can select different options and compare option A of First service provider with Option B of another service provider.
  • Once you are confident click on Contact Icon at the bottom.
  • Connect interior will be notified on your requiremnts and we will communicate with the Service provider and establish a Connect with them.
  • From hereon you can communicate directly with the Service provider and Continue with the process to get your Interiors done.
  • Incase you have trouble in communicating with the service provider ConnectInterior will try our best to establish a connect.
  • Failing which we will recommend you to other varified Service providers of connectinterior.com


  • You can also become a referral partner by referring a service provider that was etremey good and earn an income for doing so.
  • Search for Channel partner on the website for further details or mail us at support@connectinterior.com