1. How do I register as Customer?


1. Go to home page. 

2. Select Sign Up. 

3. Enter details. 

4. You are registered. 

2. How do I register as Service Provider?


2. Select Service providers Sign Up.

3. Enter details.

4. Confirm mail which you received.

5. By clicking link in mail, registration is done.

6. You are Logged In.

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3. How to Login


1. Go to home page

2. Click on login.

3. Enter details

4. You are logged in.

4. How do i upload Projects


1. Login Connect Interior Website.

2. Go to My accounts.

3. Click on "Add New Projects."

4. Fill all details.

5. Click on "Post Project".

6. Wait till Admin approves.

7. Your project will appear in website.

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5. How to fill Project details if I do ONLY Designs


1. Login

2. Go to My accounts

3. Click on "Add New Projects"

4. Fill all details (Select N/A or '0' where you don’t want to fill details)

5. Click on "Post Projects"

6. Wait till Admin approves

7. Your project will appear in website.

6. Is there a Joining fee?

As an early bird offer, when you register now you'll only be charged one rupee for your membership of six months duration.

7. Can I edit projects?


1. Login as "Service Provider".

2. Go to your "Service Provider Dashboard" and click "My Projects" sidebar menu.

3. Choose Project which you want to edit.

4. Click on Edit icon.

5. Change what you want to change in Edit Project page.

6. Click on "Post Projects" button.

7. Wait till Admin approve the project.

8. Your updated Project will appear in website after admin approval.

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8. How do I cancel my subscription?


1. Login as "Service Provider".

2. Go to your "Service Provider Dashboard" or click the "Company Name" on top of the header.

3. Click "Deactivate Account" on sidebar menu.

4. You will get Service Provider Deactivate confirmation mail with deactivate link.

5. Follow the email instruction.

6. Your account is deactivated.

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9. How do I reactivate my account?


1. Login

2. Click on your company name

3. Click on "Re-Activate"

4. You will get mail

5. Admin will reactivate the account

6. Your account is reactivated.

10.  How to compare projects?


1. Search the projects you need in the search box.

2. Click on "COMPARE With Another Service Provider" button in project page.

3. This project will be added in your compare list.

4. Repeat the process.

5. Lastly check your Compare list.

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11. How to Share projects?


1. Login

2. Select service provider from filter

3. Select particular project which you want to share

4. Click on Social Media icons

5. That project link will be shared.